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Stuck at home and looking for a quick diversion? We have a new play-anywhere ClueKeeper hunt that you might enjoy. Things really get cooking in our Sourdough Escape game!


COVID update: our in-person events are currently on hold, but you can contact us at if you’d like to discuss options for virtual or at-home play for your company or group.


We won Hunt! As many of you know, the Shinteki crew make up a small part of Team Left Out. As the winners of the 2019 MIT Mystery Hunt, Left Out has earned the privilege of creating the 2020 incarnation of the world’s premiere puzzle competition. This year’s Hunt featured nearly 200 puzzles and entertained thousands of players, so we all have our work cut out for us. Wish us luck!


After almost nine years of fun, we have decided to retire the Puzzle of the Month format. We encourage you to check out the (hundred!) previous challenges, which were contributed by various members of the puzzling community, in our archives. Thanks again to everyone who contributed or solved these puzzles! Shinteki will continue to create puzzles and events for the puzzling public to enjoy, so stay tuned.


We’re excited to announce our newest self-guided ClueKeeper hunt: Escape the Musée Mécanique! This hunt is set up like a virtual escape room set in a real-world location in San Francisco, and it features some fantastic Augmented Reality elements thanks to our partnership with the awesome folks at Zappar. We think you’ll really enjoy it! The grand opening of the hunt is on Saturday, September 17th, but you can play any time you like after that as well.


Palace Games has been nominated as one of the best Escape Room venues in America! Shinteki helped create the content for these rooms, and we couldn’t be more excited for their success. If you’ve played in The Great Houdini Escape Room or The Roosevelt Escape Room – or if you’re just a fan of Shinteki in general – please take a moment to vote (no registration needed). Thanks for your support!


Shinteki’s Puzzle of the Month will make its 2016 debut today (there was a one-week delay to accommodate the MIT Mystery Hunt; future puzzles will be released on the 15th of the month as usual). The January-June puzzles will feature a series of guest constructors, and the July-December puzzles will be authored by Mark Halpin. We will once again be offering prizes this year, so set up an account if you don’t have one already. Good luck, and happy solving!


Shinteki’s latest collaboration with Palace Games, The Great Houdini Escape Room at the Palace of Fine Arts, has really taken off! It’s now the top-rated escape room in San Francisco on Yelp and TripAdvisor. Check it out – we think you’ll love it!


Thanks to all the players who came out for Decathlon 10 in May! To see pictures from the event, check out our Facebook album here. Although we have announced that D10 was the final event in the Decathlon series, never fear: there will still be public events to come!


Shinteki’s Puzzle of the Month will make its 2015 debut on Thursday, January 22nd (note the one-week delay because of the MIT Mystery Hunt). The January-June puzzles will be authored by 2014 contest winner Dan Katz. We will once again be offering prizes this year, so set up an account if you don’t have one already. Good luck, and happy solving!