October 2011 Puzzle Solution

Each of the clues in the first set solves to a phrase that is the spoonerism of a phrase that one of the clues in the second set solves to. All of the phrases in the second set are sports terms.

Match the spoonerism pairs and add together their associated numbers; use the sum as an index into the sports term. Use the ordering from the second set (the first set is in alphabetical order by answer).

Exploded countenance? = BURST FACE; Orcadas, for example = FIRST BASE; 3rd = R
Drachten or Enkhuizen, e.g.? = DUTCH TOWN; Feel up a goose? = TOUCH DOWN; 2nd = O
Rooster celebrity? = COCK STAR; It transports chicken broth? = STOCK CAR; 4th = C
Under the weather selections? = SICK PICKS; What to do when a case of beer is too much? = PICK SIX; 4th = K
Prostitute weaver? = HO KNITTER; Possible response to "Does your wife want to stand on 16?" = NO HITTER; 7th = E
World Series snoozer? = FALL BORE; The last formal of the evening? = BALL FOUR; 8th = R
Coagulation surprise? = CLOT SHOCK; Device used by bartenders to time tequila poppers? = SHOT CLOCK; 6th = L
A mishitting golf droid? = SHANK BOT; Photograph of a Savings & Loan? = BANK SHOT; 7th = O
Eternal City invader? = ROME HUN; A stocking malfunction in your domicile? = HOME RUN; 2nd = O
Send a letter to Truman? = MAIL HARRY; The Queen of Scots and Falling Ice? = HAIL MARY; 5th = M
A few 70s dos? = THREE FROS; Slogan for a pottery-making giveaway? = FREE THROWS; 10th = S

These letters spell ROCKER LOOMS, which must be spoonerized one last time to yield LOCKER ROOMS.

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