October 2013 Puzzle Solution

Identify the actors who have voiced these characters (or, in one case, just identify the person):

  • Begum (Delhi Safari): Vanessa Williams
  • Elmyra (Tiny Toons): Cree Summer
  • Eric Kirchberger (himself)
  • Foxxy Love (Drawn Together): Cree Summer
  • Jay Sherman (The Critic): Jon Lovitz
  • Lionel Hutz (The Simpsons): Phil Hartman
  • Mama Mirabelle (Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies): Vanessa Williams
  • Pacha (The Emperor's New Groove): John Goodman
  • Radio (The Brave Little Toaster): Jon Lovitz
  • Sulley (Monsters, Inc.): John Goodman
  • Troy McClure (The Simpsons): Phil Hartman

This particular set of celebrities is the original voice cast for M&M commercials:

  • Red - Jon Lovitz
  • Orange - Eric Kirchberger
  • Yellow - John Goodman
  • Green - Cree Summer
  • Blue - Phil Hartman
  • Brown - Vanessa Williams

Fill in the black-and-white images in the grid according to the colors of the M&Ms associated with their voice actors. You'll get a large, colorful bitmap grid. Within each row of the grid, cells of a given color either occur alone or in groups of two, which might make you think of Morse code. In this way, you can extract a letter from each row for each color, to get one word per color:

  • red: PLANET
  • orange: TUBER
  • yellow: CONDIMENT
  • green: FAIRY
  • blue: SUSPECT
  • brown: BOMBER

Add the color words to these words to make new clues, e.g., "RED PLANET" = MARS. This gives six new words -- MARS, SWEET POTATO, MUSTARD, ABSINTHE, MRS PEACOCK, and JOE LOUIS -- and selecting letters from the indicated blanks spells EMINEM'S AKA SLIM WHAT. The answer is SHADY.

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