October 2014 Puzzle Solution

First, identify the source of these images. Solvers of a certain age and upbringing might immediately recognize them as sampled from the original covers of the Goosebumps series of children's horror novels; to help those who don't recognize them, several of the circles contain bits of taglines and/or the "T. Jacobus" signature to aid in web searching.

Each image contains circles taken from a different group of eight consecutive novels in the series, and for each cover used, the positions of the circles on the original cover form a letter in Braille. (Get it? Bumps?) Putting these letters in series order for each image produces a word. The images are presented in alphabetical order by word, but the words can be sorted by the order of the groups of eight in the overall series:

Books #1-8: LISTENER
Books #9-16: STERLING
Books #17-24: ENTRAILS
Books #25-32: TENDRILS

Each of these is an anagram of Goosebumps author R.L. STINE plus one additional letter; these letters give the final answer, EGAD.
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