December 2010 Puzzle Solution

The PotM tradition is now venerable enough to involute and "go meta": each line of the first nine haiku clues (directly or obliquely) the answer to a previous PotM. As the flavortext says, July 2010 is not included, both because it was not a typical PotM and because its solution would not have been available to all solvers. All other answers up to the time of this puzzle are represented.

Above sea level: ELEVATION (April 2009)
Sunday, in the park with George: SONDHEIM (April 2010)
they tilt at windmills: QUIXOTE (January 2010)

An infamous scream: HOWARD DEAN (September 2008)
is worthy of autographs: MEMORABILIA (March 2010)
from the great deaf one: ODE TO JOY (June 2010)

A Toyota? Eeeek!: AIBOHPHOBIA (August 2010)
They just passed a law against: CAPITOL HILL (October 2010)
six-shift vehicles: CARET (November 2009)

Hail Mary Touchdown!: ROSARIES (February 2009)
The Giants vs. the Jets!: NY (August 2009)
It's twenty-six all!: ALPHABET (June 2009)

Higgins, X, or Plum: PROFESSOR (October 2008)
The way to our galaxy: MILKY (February 2010)
now has a clear path: SNOWPLOW (September 2010)

Nemo's buddy Peach: STARFISH (September 2009)
Is she split? Tight? Loose? or Dead?: END (May 2009)
A perfect figure!: CIRCLE (July 2009)

Ouzounian's name: MADDOX (May 2010)
like a fancy leather purse: GUCCI (November 2008)
competing for gold: DECATHLETE (August 2008)

Right, left, or youie: TURN (March 2009)
boastful, sanguine tibias: BRAGG (December 2009)
of Henri Matisse: ARTISTICALLY (December 2008)

Yes we can elect: OBAMA44 (January 2009)
A family guy! Spin off: CLEVELAND (November 2010)
your cruel conscription!: DRAFT (October 2009)

The first initials in each of these groups of three answers form a well-known TLA (three-letter acronym), each of which is clued by one of the remaining nine lines.

Golden beverage: MGD
oft following someones name: ESQ
hasn't been confirmed: TBA

Devils and Deacons: ACC
having emotional stress: PMS
need medical help: HMO

Over and over: OCD
molecular entity: RNA
joins government group: SEC

The first initials of these clues spell out an apropos answer to this "meta": METAPHORS.

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