March 2010 Puzzle Solution

Trust the flavor text - you don't need to brush up on your Estonian history or learn about Olympic training programs in Kazakhstan. But you do need to do a bit of research on actual Olympic results for the given nations and games:

2010 WinterEstonia010
2010 WinterKazakhstan010
2008 SummerBahamas011
2008 SummerMalaysia010
2008 SummerSouth Africa010
2008 SummerSudan010
2006 WinterSlovakia010
2002 WinterGreat Britain101

...and so on. With enough data, you can spot the pattern: in every case, the number of gold medals won equals the number of "G"s in the name of the nation, and the same is true for "S"s and silver medals, and for "B"s and bronze medals. (It's not strictly clear from this data set that having, say, two "B"s in a name means winning two bronze medals, but it makes sense.)

Apply these rules to the new list of nations. Note that it doesn't matter that we're looking at the 2012 Summer games, because the system only cares about the name of the nation. We end up with a bunch of 0s, 1s, and 2s, which turn into letters via trinary in the usual puzzlehunt way.

CountryGoldsSilversBronzesBase 10Letter
BoSnia and HerzeGovina11113M
Saint Vincent and the GrenadineS12015O

So the answer is MEMORABILIA.

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