March 2016 Puzzle Solution

The answers to the clues are: DOLING, EDBERG, ELOPE, ERNEST, GAMGEE, HANOI, HEALTH, ICHOR, IGNATZ, NO HELP, SEPIA, TO SING, TYCHO, WAFER, and XEBEC. These are in alphabetical order, so we presumably need to find a new order.

All of the answers are five or six letters long. The title suggests looking at the "heart"s with "matter" in mind, and indeed, every answer has a periodic table symbol in the middle. Elements 1 (H) through 15 (P) are represented once each. Ordering the list by these elements makes the first letters of the answers spell INDEX THE WEIGHTS.

Each of those element has an atomic weight, but they get pretty large -- all the way up to 30.97 for P. The answers aren't that large... but the clues are! If you round the weights to the nearest integer, and then use those as indexes into the clues (in the new order the answers are now in), you get the letters ANSWER IS X-RAYING.

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