August 2012 Puzzle Solution

The 22 cancelled sports pair up to form new hybrid sports represented by the 11 images. In each new sport's name, the letters in the blue blanks come from the beginning of the name of one cancelled sport, and the letters in the red blanks come from the end of the name of another cancelled sport. In the order of the clues in the second page, they are:

  • boxing + volleyball: BOLLEYBALL
  • rowing + equestrian jumping: ROPING
  • judo + fencing: JUCING ("juicing")
  • table tennis + weightlifting: TABLELIFTING
  • freestyle wrestling + kayak: FREEYAK
  • diving + triathlon: DIATHLON
  • trampoline + modern pentathlon: TRAMPON (yes, we went there)
  • soccer + field hockey: SOCKEY ("sake")
  • swimming + archery: SWICHERY ("switcher")
  • badminton + water polo: BADPOLO
  • synchronized swimming + mountain biking: SYNKING ("sinking")

Next, examine the hyphenated number pairs above the images. The numbers on the left sides of the hyphens are unique and range from 1 to 22; the numbers on the right sides are small enough to be indexes into parts of the names of the hybrid sports. These indexed letters spell out a 22-letter phrase. For example, the BADPOLO image has a blue 16-3 and a red 4-2, so take the third letter of the blue part of the name (BAD) as the 16th letter of the phrase, and the second letter of the red part of the name (POLO) as the 4th letter of the phrase. The full phrase turns out to be:


Combine the first names of these two 2012 Olympic athletes (Michael Phelps and Jordan Wieber) to get another (former Olympic) athlete, MICHAEL JORDAN. (If you combined their sports -- swimming and gymnastics -- instead, you might have gotten something like SWIMNASTICS, but the phrase tells you to combine the people, not their sports.)

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