September 2016 Puzzle Solution

Each clue, when properly interpreted, is in the mold of a "Tom Swifty" pun. However, in place of the adverb typically found at the end of each line, the answer is a non-adverb ending in –LY.

Clues are arranged in alphabetical order by answer, and each answer corresponds to the number of given blanks. Each clue has the same number of words as blanks, and so the letter corresponding to the only complete word in each clue should be noted. These extracted letters, arranged alphabetically by the A-S verbs preceding each answer, spell the clue phrase (Anthony) BROWNE BOOK POST MY MUM, the answer to which is SILLY BILLY.

Clues, in given order:

It's one United Nations organ, used with 'General' = ASSEMBLY
Drinking Budweiser and Pabst Blue Ribbon makes me fat = BEERBELLY
That guy on Fox wrote Killing Jesus, Killing Kennedy, Killing Lincoln... = BILLOREILLY
My umbrella's from the United Kingdom = BROLLY
'Wonderful!' president, that Teddy Roosevelt = BULLY
The Big Bopper sang about this kind of lace = CHANTILLY
Hot Tub Time Machine was powered by this drink! = CHERNOBLY
'The Hit Man' managed the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Miami Marlins = DONMATTINGLY
That film starred Keiko, an orca (or 'killer whale') = FREEWILLY
Singin' in the Rain followed An American in Paris = GENEKELLY
Little Richard sang this mild oath to 'Miss Molly' = GOODGOLLY
Carol Channing played the title role in this Broadway musical = HELLODOLLY
Buy Park Place in this Parker Brothers game = MONOPOLY
Ride the London Underground from Hyde Park to Heathrow Airport = PICCADILLY
She's more skeptical than Fox Mulder = SCULLY
Islands in the Mediterranean are big = SICILY
Savalas sucked lollipops on Kojak = TELLY
Oh no! Captain Hook captured Neverland's Native American princess! = TIGERLILY
She won Emmys for Judging Amy and Christy = TYNEDALY

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