August 2010 Puzzle

Contributor: Bob Schaffer | Difficulty: EASY |

  • Forlorn aspirin
  • Singers of "Take On Me"
  • Do honking birds view a deity?
  • Doddering cats
  • Mouse-like rodents marched Eminem
  • Denise Huxtable did not ingest an herb
  • While I urinate, mister, I observe the city with a leaning tower
  • Did I view an automobile or a feline?
  • I favor 3.14159
  • A few guys parse just under ten notes
  • Take a seat upon a spud skillet, Mr. Redding
  • Gratuities fall out of the container, parts of the mouth expel liquid
  • Doctrine: I am The Creator
  • An automobile, a male, a percussion instrument often played in pairs
  • Covered extra-terrestrial, Muppet drummer with a protective plastic sheet
  • At no time tied
  • Begone, suspend an Italian meat, writer of this clue; I am one who hoards a cheesy
  • and meaty pasta dish
  • Abel's brother: a crazy person
  • Negative, I verbalized to Mr. Norton: "moisturizer"
  • Will not those who have affection for one another rebel at this time?

Hints & Solution

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