June 2009 Puzzle

Contributor: Ian Tullis |

Shinseki Juno Muzzle on thy Mouth

  • Tee hound dunks lake (5)
  • Curried my tie wink oh riven opal sax (5)
  • Milady oaten precoded be thicken, donkey, on stall (3)
  • She Easy Aslan cameo his too if there fit snoring zounds (5)
  • Assent; process; skate cleanly add on o confidant wax (4)
  • Threw-litter ISP cone fur toe Chai Bart (o find if Avian mosey) (3)
  • Me isle; lip ground; leaf; lull; relay (4)
  • Shooter if tho tho wounds on Norse Mode (3)

Hints & Solution

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