October 2011 Puzzle

Contributor: ChaiseLand Enchiladas (Todd Etter, Brent Holman, Rich Bragg, Tyler Hinman, John Owens, David Andre) | Difficulty: EASY/MEDIUM |

Exploded countenance? (1)
Coagulation surprise? (3)
Rooster celebrity? (2)
Drachten or Enkhuizen, e.g.? (2)
Autumn snoozer? (3)
Prostitute weaver? (4)
Send a letter to Truman? (2)
Eternal City invader? (1)
A mishitting golf droid? (5)
Under the weather selections? (3)
A few 70s 'dos? (5)

Orcadas, for example? (+2)
Feel up a goose? (+5)
It transports chicken broth? (+2)
What to do when a case of beer is too much? (+1)
Possible response to "Does your wife want to stand on 16?" (+3)
The last formal of the evening? (+5)
Device used by bartenders to time tequila poppers? (+3)
Photograph of a Savings & Loan? (+2)
A stocking malfunction in your domicile? (+1)
The Queen of Scots and Falling Ice? (+3)
Slogan for a pottery-making giveaway? (+5)

Hints & Solution

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