September 2008 Puzzle

Contributor: Ian Tullis |

This puzzle was out towards the end of the 2008 presidential election. If you need help, click below for hints or the solution. Good luck!

Rock the Vote

A familiar political figure seems to be after the 18- to 22-year-old vote. Can you figure out who it is based on these recently overheard quotes?

"You bet I'm cool! Just last night, I enjoyed a Marlboro midway through Talladega Nights. Now who's up for some Doane Perry and Jimi Hendrix?"

"The first settlement was in Jamestown, and that's my final answer, Meredith. I didn't expect you to be as good a host as Regis, but that was an unfair assumption. Dana Perino fielded the first Walter Reed hospital questions, final answer. No wait, it was Tony Snow."

"I've campaigned for peace from the Rust Belt all the way to Mississippi, driving for miles on a landmark tour. We listened to the Idol winners on the road: Barrino, Clarkson, even Hicks."

Hints & Solution

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